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That LAX shooting is close to home

The shooting at LAX took place at the terminal I invariably travel through, because Virgin America is the airline I nearly always use. That's the security area I passed through Wednesday, the security area Mike was supposed to pass through tomorrow. His flight, naturally, is now in question.

Security at Terminal 3 is already problematic because it was built before 2001 and the area that security goes through was never meant to handle the new types of security lines. The lines wrap around a staircase, up and down a ramp. There's no alternative security line and I can't see them opening the terminal anytime soon.

I see a lot of passengers being shitty to TSA agents when I travel and I try to be friendly to them just so there's one less crappy person in their day. It's not a great job and I don't see any reason to make it worse for them. I remember the friendly guy who checked my ticket and ID who'd just had a real mean person in front of me; I wished him a good day and told him not to let them get him down and he made surprised eye contact with me and said, "THANK you!" There was an older man, late '40s or early '50s, directing foot traffic and being very helpful to people with kids. And there's a couple of other people who were there I'm thinking of. I hope none of them got hurt. But obviously, someone did. Someone died.


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Nov. 2nd, 2013 04:43 am (UTC)
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